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RT Stone Supplier is a London based firm specialising in Importing Quartz, Granite, Marble, Tiles and other Natural Stone.

RT Stone was established out of the desire of the owners to bring to the market high quality and affordable products. We have been established for over 6 years and are well known to the industry for our excellent customer service, we pride ourselves in undertaking high quality materials, skilled workmanship and competitive pricing. Unlike the vast majority of stone fabrication firms. Whilst we are happy to manage all aspects of an assignment, from start to finish, those clients with established designs, or who wish to use other providers for survey and architectural design services, can of course take advantage of our services independently. If you have an idea or design, we can make it a reality!

iStone quartz is the newest addition to the iStone portfolio. iStone quartz brings a natural aesthetic resembling some of our most asked for quartz materials. We are excited about the synergy of iStone Quartz and its complement to our product lines. iStone quartz surfaces are a blend of nature and technology. The perfectly engineered product for easy care, durability and colour consistency. iStone quartz surfaces contain up to 93% natural quartz, combined with resin, mineral pigments and other additives, giving it exceptional toughness and hardness. Being extremely resistant to scratching, scuffing and being very long lasting, iStone Quartz surfaces are an ideal solution for both residential and commercial applications.

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